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Generate Real Estate Leads Through Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising for Real Estate Agents

Facebook’s latest news feed algorithm now gives first preference to business pages that have ads running over those that don’t. This is why you may have noticed a drop in the organic reach of your posts over the last few months. In saying this, ads on Facebook do not have to cost an arm and a leg!

Want to wake up to seller leads every day? Then you’d be crazy not to promote your business on Facebook. As of 2017, a staggering 61% of Kiwis have an active Facebook account – that’s 2.9 million New Zealanders spending an average of 50 minutes on the site! These stats show that Facebook marketing can be rewarding.

You’ve got access to a platform where your current and future clients hang out. Now, all that’s left for you to do is to tap in and reach them through paid Facebook advertising. Be one of the property agents who succeed.

Facebook: The King of Social Networks

Social media is a useful tool for increasing exposure and traffic for your business and generating leads and sales. The statement is particularly true for Facebook. The site’s popularity makes it a valuable business platform for real estate agents and agencies. It helps you to leverage the virality of social media to expand your reach and prospecting efforts.

Running ads is the cheapest and most convenient way to build your brand and create new demand for your services. It’s no surprise that real estate agents have been investing more in Facebook ads more than ever!

Here are more reasons why marketers are flocking to Facebook Advertising:


TARGETING – Facebook offers a diverse level of targeting options. These options help laser-target your intended market and ensure an ROI. You can apply various filters only display ads to your ideal audience.

Here are the filters available to target specific audiences:

How can these filters help you in reaching your audience?

  • Demographics: Target ads based on gender, age, education, workplace, job titles and more.
  • Locations: You can target people in your preferred district, region, or suburb. You can even target people in a radius around your neighbourhood.
  • Interests: Reach the right audience for your property buying or selling services based on their hobbies, activities, and the pages they liked.
  • Behaviours: Tap into Facebook users’ recent purchasing behaviours, intent, device usage and more to further refine those who see your ads. This helps if you have experience and understand the mindset and habits of vendors and buyers in your community.
  • Custom Audiences: Target past website visitors and people who have engaged with you or your content. Scroll down to the “remarketing” section below to learn more.

With Facebook’s Core Audience Targeting options, exposure to the right homeowners, property investors, business owners is within your reach.


A/B TESTS – Facebook’s ad manager allows you to test different versions of your ad so you can see what works best. You can use this fantastic method to experiment with your ad elements such as:

Ad formats (Carousel, Canvas Ads, etc.)
– Headlines
– Images
– Body copy
– Call-to-actions and more.

Apart from this, you can also test other essential variables such as different audience types and ad placements to determine who are your best market and where they hang out.

Making use of A/B tests will help to reduce spending advertising dollars on ads that aren’t performing. On top of this, these tests determine advertisements that are delivering results. And with that information in your hands, you can scale up spending on these ads to ensure you make the most of them.


VISIBILITY – With almost everyone on the platform, Facebook is the place to get noticed. It’s not enough to create high-quality content or promotions on your website and expect traffic. You’d also want people to know about it through advertising to be able to generate leads.

Yes, advertising using Google AdWords is one option. But these ads are only based on keyword searches or browsing history.

Facebook is about the individual and the data about them. Facebook prides itself on bringing personalised ads to a whole new level.

Ads on Facebook amplify your reach to an ever increasing and engaged audience.

Advertising on Facebook allows your content to rise above the rest. To elaborate, your ads reach more users’ newsfeeds. Even superseding the performance of free posts made on pages with thousands of fans.

Note – This reach does depend on the quality and relevance of your ad to its audience. Facebook’s algorithms affect deliverability of advertisements in news-feeds based on their relevancy score. Read more here.

Facebook advertising also goes well with Instagram advertising. Advertisers of any size can add Instagram ads to Facebook ads campaign through Ad Manager or Power Editor. It’s as simple as ticking the “Instagram” box under the ad set’s placement section. Like hitting two birds with one stone!

Using the right fine-tuning techniques available on Facebook, results happen. You can ensure your brand captures the attention of your buyer or seller prospects.


REMARKETING – Remarketing is a powerful way of growing real estate leads. It enables you to show your ads to people who have visited your website or given you their email address. Facebook remarketing ads work by following your leads on Facebook, Instagram and also the web.

Reports have shown that remarketing is vital to keep your brand and offerings in your prospects mind after their first visit to your site. These ads give them the option to “pull the trigger” and get in touch to sell their home. And pick you as their agent.

When a user visits your site, he/she will be “cookied” or tagged. A Facebook Pixel is a code you place on your website to enable this. When a person accesses a page on your website, your ads can follow that “cookied” user and show up on his/her Facebook news-feed.

With this, you can measure, optimise and build audiences for your advertising campaigns.

For a practical remarketing strategy, building a Custom Audience List is the way to go. Custom Audiences allows you to serve personalised ads to a list of contacts you’ve already acquired. Either with their email addresses, phone numbers, or even Facebook user IDs.

There is a limitation. You can’t track those that click on links you share leading to external sites (e.g. a news article on Stuff NZ).

But there is a solution:

To go one step further and turn into a “Pro” with remarketing, consider tools such as Backly. Backly allows you to do the following :

  • Display call to actions or pop-ups with your branding on external sites other than your website.We are talking about the links to external sites that you share on social media. Your traffic is all not lost to another website, and in these pop-ups, you can have all kinds of links. Examples include:
    1. A link back to your latest blog post
    2. Getting their email address for a free report or
    3. Even have them like your Facebook page from the pop-up!
  • Attach the Facebook Pixel to the link you are sharing. So that every time someone clicks on the link you’ve shared to head to the external site other than yours, they get added and tracked by the Facebook Pixel. The result is you being able to send remarketing ads to them.

You can try out the benefits of this tool for free here.

To generate a broader audience, you can have Facebook find more people with traits and interests like those who are on your Facebook Pixel. This type of remarketing tactic on Facebook is a Lookalike Audience.

You can create Lookalike Audience once your pixel tracks at least 100 visitors. The more conversion data your pixel gathers, the more accurate your Lookalike Audience will get.

You’ll also be able to reduce costs by taking advantage of the traffic that’s already coming to your website. Instead of trying to target new customers, you can aim to focus on repeat visitors to your site. These types of ads are usually much cheaper.


TRAFFIC – There’s no reason for you not to rely on Facebook as your website’s primary traffic source. Its giant user base matched with its integrated targeting options makes it the perfect ad platform. It allows your ads to go beyond the walls of Facebook and drive traffic to your website or landing page.

Facebook’s ever-growing popularity makes it an essential platform for every business to plunge into. An instant increase in traffic is now possible thanks to Facebook advertising. One marketer was even able to increase their traffic by 332%!

If that stat doesn’t impress you, read this 2014 report from Shareaholic. This report shows that Facebook delivered 25% of total visits sites received around the web. Facebook, the king of social networks, is without a doubt a surefire way to spike your website traffic!


ANALYTICS, INSIGHTS & REPORTING – Facebook analytics give you a complete picture of what’s working and what’s not. Vital for success with your Facebook Marketing efforts. It lets you discover valuable insights to improve your future ads. Here are the following helpful reports it provides:

  • The Overview Report is an overview of page likes, post reach and your five most recent updates.
  • The Likes Report shows you Facebook users who Like your page.
  • The Reach Report gives you a report on the Facebook users who have seen your paid or unpaid posts, how they’ve engaged with your posts. Any negative comments or complaints are also displayed.
  • The Posts Report gives you a detailed report on your Page posts.
  • The People Report or Audience Insights shows you information on users you’d like to engage. You can learn more about your target audience’s geography, demographics, behaviour and more. The more insight you have from your customers, the better the message you’re equipped to deliver.

Real Estate & Facebook Advertising: A Perfect Match

Indeed, Facebook is a powerful marketing tool for almost all kinds of businesses – especially with those involved in property transactions.

Agents and realtors stuck with employing traditional marketing strategies are losing a prime opportunity. Buyer or seller agents who leverage Facebook’s fantastic ad platform have a clear competitive advantage.

Why you ask? Here are the reasons:

  • REAL ESTATE IS PERSONAL: When selling or buying homes, people look for agents who they can trust and are local. An Aucklander selling their home in Mount Wellington would prefer to work with a Panmure based agent. (Over one based in Takapuna)This is not always true, and you can work this to your advantage if you prefer to work outside of your locality. Tweaks ads to focus on specific suburbs and target it to people in those areas.When it comes to real estate, a personal, emotional marketing message helps in successfully reaching your prospects. You can post ads on topics that are relevant to your brand and properties but also captures the interest of your target audience. For this, targeting based on users’ behaviour helps.Another efficient way of spreading awareness on your real estate sales brand is through peer-to-peer recommendation. Through Facebook ads, audiences can see who among their friends have followed or liked your ad post or page. Moreover, a person’s network can observe any interactions that you have with a Facebook follower. Your followers’ networks can bear witness to how you foster positive relationships with your audience. Give them a first good impression.
  • REAL ESTATE IS VISUAL: It’s no secret that in real estate, quality visual content attracts better-quality leads. Looking at your Facebook feed, you will notice that it is full of images and videos. You can use this to your advantage by inspiring potential customers.Moreover, social media is a “jungle” full of information.Grabbing people’s attention is harder than ever, and standard text doesn’t do the trick anymore. You need to have striking visual content to capture people’s attention. Get them to stop scrolling through your ad and pay attention!Studies also show that compelling visual elements and graphics generate 94% more views. Your visual content is more likely to get shared and go viral! Moreover, having visuals in your real estate marketing lead to increased conversions. And great brand recognition.

    P.s. Use square photos and videos instead of rectangular (or landscape) ones. They tend to be more prominent as they take up more space on mobile phones. Mobile devices are what the majority of Facebook users are on.

  • REAL ESTATE IS EMOTIONAL: Selling or buying homes is an emotional and stressful experience for many. Large transactions like real estate invoke feelings of both fear and excitement.Homeowners choose agents that they can trust. Create ads offering value in exchange for their details. Free e-books, reports and webinars with information can all help build a rapport. Understand their needs and serve this with personalised ad campaigns.Use visuals and text content with the emotional nature of buying and selling real estate in mind. Approaching ads in this way will help you connect with your prospects at a more profound level.You are building a life-long relationship, not a one off-transaction.

    Getting inbound leads by connecting with emotions is achievable with Facebook advertising. You have access to a varied amount of information on your audiences on Facebook. No other ad platform provides this level of information on users.

    These all help to tailor ads that are personal and non-intrusive and direct speak your values.

Instagram Ads for Real Estate

Instagram is more than just photos of coffee, the beach, fluffy puppies or your breakfast. It is also the world’s fastest growing social media platform today. In fact, Instagram’s average user/brand interaction is about ten times higher than Facebook.

A growing number of real estate professionals are starting to realise the value of Instagram to promote their business. Agents focus on stories and emotions when connecting with users and pictures and videos are the best way to portray them.

There’s no wonder why the most successful agents are using Instagram in conjunction with FB to promote themselves.

Here are the top reasons why Instagram is one of the best platforms for real estate lead generation:

  • Instagram can help you foster your connections and build your followers
  • An image is worth a thousand words. A video is worth a million. You can edit and post stunning photos or videos in a matter of seconds.
  • Unlike traditional methods of SEO, Instagram hashtags can help you rank faster.
  • Instagram allows you to humanise your business through impactful, visual stories.
  • Instagram marketing is a great way to show that you know the area better than anyone.
  • Instagram is an exceptional place for real estate agents to get referrals.

Facebook and Instagram are not the only platforms you can run online ad campaigns on. You can read about other online ad platforms such as Youtube and Google Adwords here :

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