We know why you’re here and we understand why. These days, where competition has become more complex, cold calls and door knocking no longer make an effective strategy for prospecting new real estate clients.

To stand out from the multitude of agents who are all working to be on top, you need to get out of your ‘traditional marketing’ mindset and explore better options to find, secure, and sell more listings.

We’ve gathered the best lead generation marketing strategies from top blogs and websites to bring you a curated, beefy guide on real estate lead generation that works!

# 1   Develop your network and partnership

Hubspot mentioned in one of their blogs how networking with your city’s best attorneys, personal bankers, and commercial lenders could help you attract more real estate clients.

How so? Building a strong partnership and networking is fundamental to the success of any real estate business. Having a strong network can offer shared best practices, lessons, and even lead to referrals.


If your client sells his or her house and walks away with a large sum of cash, he or she will need guidance on what to do with that money. Make sure they end up in good hands by discovering the best financial planners or wealth managers in your market. Most salespeople know the value of a referral, and they’ll go out of their way to return the favour.


Commercial lenders enjoy a similar level of trust with their clients as financial advisers and can send you a ton of business. Your self-employed buyers and sellers will always want access to capital, so it’s a win-win to make these introductions.


Many homebuyers go to their bank before seeking out an agent to make sure they can get a loan. Not everyone has a relationship with a mortgage lender, so these people will visit their local branch and talk to their banker.

Read more at Inman.

# 2 Invest in Paid Advertising


It’s always a smart move to invest in online advertising on Google or Facebook especially since 44% of buyers look for houses online before reaching out to a realtor.

What’s more, Facebook also allows you to create, target, and track the success of paid ads. You may very well find individuals in your extended network who could qualify as seller leads on this popular social platform.

#3 Build your website.

Apart from the site provided by your office, it will be best to create your very own professional website. Investfourmore.com explains why

“… if you build an awesome website or an awesome database, that becomes a sellable asset. It takes a little more time and effort to build a website, but it will pay off in the end over simply paying someone else to send you leads.

Having your real estate website is a great way to grow your brokerage and build a respected brand. It also helps you get found online by the right customers.

#4 Create your own Blog

Of course, having a website for your real estate business isn’t going to be much use if you can’t be found. These days, content is king – so it is essential for your real estate website to have a blog that you can post regularly to. Not only can you show off the latest properties, but you can share your industry thoughts and expertise too.

This helps to show Google that your website is regularly updated with fresh content (an important part of SEO!) that it is relevant content to your niche, and also has the bonus of building your brand and establishing you as an expert.

Read more at websitebuilderexpert.com.

#5 Linkedin Crawling

LinkedIn is a powerful social media outlet you can use to connect with leads. The unofficial social network for professionals is an excellent real estate lead generation tool. A stat from Hubspot shows how more than 5,000 companies found LinkedIn produced 277 percent more leads than Facebook and Twitter.

Of course, you need to fully optimise and complete your account to get started. Easyagentpro has created a helpful 3-step guide on how you can effectively generate real estate leads from Linkedin. Read more here.

#6 Organize Educational Events/Webinars

By teaching local consumers about buying their first home, what the market’s like now, or what to look for in a rental property, you’ll build your personal brand and drum up new business at the same time.

Hosting informational events that target particular types of home buyers or home sellers will help you build stronger relationships, educate the community and generate more leads. A truly win-win opportunity!

Read how you can get your first informational event come to life through this blog post from Zillow.


Follow the tips mentioned above and watch your credibility as a professional agent grow along with the leads that you’ll be generating!


However, If you prefer to leave your lead generation strategies to the digital marketing experts, saving you the time and effort, we can also help you with that! Simply book a 15 minute discovery video call with us to get started.


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