Benefits of Real Estate Video Marketing in Auckland

Attract More Buyers & Make More Sales with Video

We are dedicated to video marketing at Oysteer. We believe that no other marketing channel has the reach, engagement levels or the ability to convert users – especially when it comes to marketing properties.

Give Your Properties the Edge

Real estate agents in Auckland face a range of challenges at the moment. Rising interest rates, more lending restrictions, increasing LVR and more homes on the market can all affect your business.

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Video gives you the edge over the competition by exciting and engaging buyers, helping your properties to stand out & boosting your reputation, attracting new vendors.

With our Premium video package, we will not only showcase your properties but could also include details of the neighbourhoods, nearby schools, amenities, shopping malls and more to present the lifestyle that comes with the properties, further increasing their appeal.

Why Video Works

Oysteer New ZealandThere are many good reasons why agents should be using videos to showcase their properties:

  • Get your properties in front of more potential buyers
  • Make your properties look more appealing and generate more interest
  • Ensure the buyers who contact you are genuinely interested so you avoid dealing with time wasters
  • Increase competition for your properties leading to a higher sale price
  • Attract vendors by showing that you take your marketing seriously
  • Spend less time approaching potential new vendors and cold calling

Videos for Homes for Rent

Do you rent properties? We also create videos for homes for rent so your properties will stand out from other rental properties and attract tenants faster. Let us know if you are interested in this service when you request a call, and we’ll provide further details.

Stats that Show How Important Video Is Becoming

Oysteer New ZealandWe could go on all day about the benefits of using video, but here are some stats that make it clear why videos will have such a big role to play in marketing over the coming years:

  • By 2018, 90% of Facebook content will be video based
  • By 2019, 80% of global internet consumption will be video-based (Cisco)
  • From now until 2020, mobile video traffic will increase by 55% a year (Ericsson)
  • Search results that are videos have an increased click-through rate of 41% (Animoto)
  • You are 50 times more likely to get onto the first page of the search engine results pages if your website includes video (Forrester Research)

As for how video can help agents directly:

  • Video listings get 403% more enquiries than standard listings (
  • 73% of homeowners are more likely to use an agent who uses videos (National Association of Realtors)

Create One Video, Market It Everywhere

Oysteer New ZealandWe don’t only create the videos for you – we also help to market them so you can get them in front of more buyers.

We do this by adding them to our YouTube channel and optimising them for search. YouTube is now the second-largest search engine, so you’re increasing your chances of getting your properties in front of national and international buyers.

We also add your videos to our website to help with your SEO so your website and properties have a better chance of showing up in the search results and getting in front of more potential buyers.

In addition, we encourage you to add the videos to your listings on sites like and to help your properties stand out further, as well as sharing them on social media, in your blog, in your email newsletters and anywhere else you want to.

Making Video Accessible for Agents

Oysteer New ZealandVideos work, and they can make a significant improvement to your business. The problem is, although many agents understand the benefits of videos, they are unable to use them.

Creating high-quality videos and getting them in front of potential buyers is time consuming and requires specialist skills.

We provide a simple solution that takes the work out of video marketing. Simply choose our Standard or Premium video package, and make video work for you.

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