Approach homeowners with the list to launch strategy to give both you and them an advantage

And yet again, another year is to end in a months' time and this is the best opportunity for real estate agents to secure listings on this side of Christmas

Approach your vendor pool strategically

Some homeowners considering to sell have made the decision to enter the market early next year. These homeowners are your potential listing clientele.

Here’s a list of things you can communicate with vendors when reconnecting with them:

  • Express your concern for the decreasing number of home buyers based on recent sale timelines
  • Inform vendors on how lesser home buyers will cause property price drops in the coming year
  • Reassure them by offering to drop by and provide an updated appraisal and price value which will be beneficial to list the property early

Once the fresh appraisal is scheduled, it’s one step closer to secure the listing, especially since the homeowners already trust you and have the intention to sell.

So, how do you proceed and get the property listed on this side of Christmas?

  • Inform the vendor that it is advisable to list their property towards the end of the year , as opposed to listing early next year. By using this strategy, the property would be what is considered a ‘pocket listing’ and will be shown to potential buyers looking for similar homes.
  • It’s crucial to have the vendor know that there will be no marketing campaigns or inspections scheduled until the property is officially launched early next year, as the last thing you’d want is an overwhelmed vendor. But with the list now, launch later benefit, vendors can rest assured that if a buyer with top dollar makes an enquiry, their property will be the first to be showcased.
  • Advise the vendor that the holiday season is the time where most real estate listing websites have the most number of views as people have time and are researching/considering to invest in property or relocate. This is the best time to prepare to have a property entering in the market.
  • Communicate to them that listing their property sooner gives them the first-step advantage with setting up the marketing campaign, having auctioneers booked, etc, so that when the property is launched in the new year, it’s a launched much earlier, without much competition.
  • Clue-in that when the vendor’s property is listed in the new year, they may not able to achieve the price they’re looking for as the market will be saturated with listings at the time.

With the competition in the real estate industry increasing day by day, it’s not wise to assume that the homeowners you’ve connected with earlier this year will actually become vendors listing with you in the new year. Build your connections and become the agent on top of every homeowner’s mind by implementing good marketing strategies.

Reach out to homeowners you’ve done an appraisal in the past about the importance of getting on the market informally in the form of a pocket listing.

Once you’ve secured your listings, it’s important to market it in a way that reaches more people and creates a larger buyer pool.

Your Next Steps

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