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Establish Yourself, Save Time & Earn More by Marketing Property with Video

In our mission to help Auckland real estate agents succeed, We at Oysteer believe in the power of video and in adding videos to your online listings on websites such as & to help properties stand out and attract greater interest in the current market plagued with increased inventory and subdued demand.

Marketing homes with video not only helps garner more enquiries by increasing the desirability of the home through story telling but is an integral factor in attracting vendors to choose you to sell their homes over others.

Benefits of Video to Sell Homes

Save time & money in prospecting for new vendors and when dealing with interested buyers thanks to questions being answered by the video itself.

Sell homes sooner and for higher due to increased interest and competition as a result of the property standing out from the others.

Increase reputation as a result of using video leading to more referrals and placing yourself as a preferred choice for vendors.

How We Can Help

We are a team of professional videographers, editors, marketers & techies with a sole focus on producing and marketing high quality home videos that convince and sell.

We will upload and optimise for search on Youtube & Google. The video can be shared in your listing on,, your website, through email or elsewhere.

A percentage of our profits to empower Kiwis in need through the Oysteer Charitable Foundation. You will also join our referral programme where you get credits every time an agent referred by you spends. Benefits in supporting us.

Our Video Packages


  • The cost conscious & time saving option to get you started with videos and its benefits.

  • Also great for when the weather gods aren’t playing nice and a shoot needs to be rescheduled but the vendor is impatient.

  • You provide photography and/or a voice recording or text captions along with any information on the property.

  • A video-editor compiles a clean yet professional video, optimises for search online and uploads on Youtube for you to use & share.


  • Our recommended package to greatly increase your chances of a quick sale and higher sale price.

  • A one on one session with a professional videographer who will capture stunning footage of your property and the surrounding neighborhood/amenities. Drones are available.

  • A professional showcase video is edited, optimised for search online and uploaded on Youtube for you to use and share.

  • Show current/prospective vendors and buyers alike that you take your marketing seriously and offer value and expertise.

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