Oysteer Real Estate Marketing agency in New Zealand is launching a new client-focused experienced in their “Client Hub.” The company has launched the “Client Hub” initiative to create a more seamless client experience.

Oysteer’s Marketing Solutions Specialist, Rohan Dayanand notes that the service will not only create a faster communication process for their clients but also empower their long-term business growth. Since the Client Hub will provide access for approving content, requesting new materials, downloading updated campaign reports and even quick access to the support team, Dayanand sees this as a way to provide added value to their clients.


The Client Hub will also serve as an exclusive platform where clients can access in-depth real estate sales research, whitepapers and eBooks that the Oysteer team will be developing. Oysteer, as a leading marketing agency for real estate agents in New Zealand, knows the pains and challenges of digital marketing and sales for the niche. That’s the reason why they want to provide highly specialized materials for sales agents.

Oysteer clients, via the Hub, can also submit their research requests which will then be approved by the team. The agency wants an open and collaborative process so they can also create materials that the client needs/wants.

Moreover, Dayanand is developing a Facebook group that will not only be available for existing clients but for other agents as well. The Facebook Group, “Millionaire Mindset Real Estate Agents” highlights updated videos, articles and materials curated for Kiwi real estate agents.



Oysteer’s main goal is to be a complementary partner of real estate agents as they reach their goal. In today’s landscape, digital marketing is now a necessary tool for agents. Client Hub syncs with all of the platforms that the agency uses to provide digital marketing services so it’s easy not only for the team to send direct reports and updates to clients, but also for the clients to have live updates on their campaigns.

Data and reporting are vital if we want to measure success. The same with the assessment of leads for sales agents, the performance of Oysteer campaigns are transparent as well.

Oysteer guides clients from the starting stages of lead capture to the development of their own personal or business brand. Having a recognizable agent identity online not only makes it easier for clients to trust the agent, but also promotes sustainable success.

Content marketing works for the long-term growth of a client or a brand. That is why Oysteer is keen in creating positive impact for their clients.

Dayanand said this is just the beginning for Oysteer. With new platforms and service releases in the next coming months, the agency aims to become a reliable partner for real estate agents and franchises in the country.

To get a free discovery call or to ask about the capabilities of the Client Hub, connect with Rohan today!




Photo by Luis Salazar on Unsplash

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